Barrel Modifications
Benefits of Barrel Modifications
Long Forcing Cones 
The Forcing Cone in a Shotgun barrel is the transition from the front of the chamber to the bore.  The standard Forcing Cone is approx. 3/8" long.  By lengthening this transition you do not actually reduce the amount of recoil, but extend the period of time that the recoil is felt.  Therefore, it feels like a reduction of recoil.
Another benefit from a longer Forcing Cone is pattern density.  Because the transition is longer, fewer shot pellets become deformed as it travels through it.  The less deformed shot, the more dense the pattern becomes.  We have found that a shot-count gain of 5-8% is common with our 2 1/2" Long Forcing Cones.
Although we offer a 4" Long Forcing Cone, we have found no real benefit over the 2 1/2" one.  We offer the 4" LFC simply due to requests.
2 1/2" Long Forcing Cone                                      per bore               $60.00
4" Long Focing Cone                                              per bore               $70.00
Add for Chrome lined bores                                                               $10.00
Diamond Hone Backboring
Several years ago we sat down with some engineers and told them what kind of tolerances we wanted to maintain while backboring shotgun barrels.  Through a joint effort, we came up with our 'Diamond Hone'.  We are able to maintain tolerances that we have not seen anywhere else in the industry.  We are able to achieve these tolerances by using opposing stones, rather than the conventional 3" stone and shoe, or worse yet a reamer.  The advantages to a backbored barrel are reduced recoil, more efficient choke, improved patterns and a faster swinging gun.  Backboring a barrel can also restore choke that has been removed.
Diamond Hone standard shotgun barrel                                 per bore             $175.00
Diamond Hone a Chrome lined bore                                       per bore            $200.00
Prices are per .010 of stock removal 
Superior Chokes
The concept of the Superior Choke is simple, have an even pattern.  By reducing the core of shot in the middle of a pattern and dispersing that shot evenly throughout the pattern, you will gain the edge everyone is looking for, a larger diamenter pattern with no holes.  You won't necessarily "ink-ball" targets, but you  will get the same hard break with the side of a pattern as you do with the center. The Superior Choke is a permanent modification to either a fixed choke barrel or a choke tube. We can install the Superior Choke for whatever yardage of distance you desire. Trapshooters know this choke as the "Herb Orre Super Choke".
Superior Choke  (per choke)                                                                                  $125.00
Thread Barrel for Choke Tubes
We will also tap (thread) your barrel for choke tubes.
Prices do not include the tubes.
Choke Tube System        --           Min. Barrel O.D.       --        Max Barrel I.D
Beretta Mobil                                  .845                                          .730
Series 2                                           .805                                          .735
Series 26                                         .800                                          .728
Invector +                                        .860                                          .745
Thin-Wall                                        .810                                           .725
True-Choke                                     .830                                           .730
Win-Choke                                      .840                                           .735

All pricing is subject to change without notice, for current pricing call or e-mail us.

updated 6/29/2016

Install Thin Wall Chokes w/ 3 Chokes

- Single Barrel      $305.00

-O/U w/ 3 Chokes $430

-O/U w/ 5 Chokes $550

-SX-1 Barrel w/ 3 Chokes $430 (includes req. soldering of rib & re-blue of bbl)