Recoil Reducers and Recoil Units
Break-O recoil reduction systems are designed to reduce recoil acceleration, muzzle bounce and reduce gun movement during firing.  Mercury is used in these units because of its ability to absorb and dampen shock.  Results are less fatigue, better concentration, higher scores,  and comfortable shooting.  A 7/8" hole or larger is required for stock mounting.
Recoil Units
Gra-Coil Units are a compression butt plate with an adjustable tension setting and an adjustable pad plate, made to fit any shooters style.  Tension will adjust from 14 to 70 lbs. with a maximum stroke of 5/16".  The pad plate can adjust up, down , and side to side to accomodate any shooter.  Moving parts slide on teflon liners for a smooth and trouble free motion.
Adjustable Length of pull Gra-Coil 
installed w/new pad     $410.00
w/o new pad                    $350.00
Standard Gra-Coil installed
w/ new pad              $360.00 
w/o new pad            $275.00

We have a supply of Kick-eez pads in stock!

updated 7/9/2016