Wright's offers a great deal of services to shotgun shooters, trying to list them all would be all but impossible.  We have provided you a sampling of the some services offered and their pricing.  If there is a specific service you need and cannot find it listed here, please call or email us and we will be happy to provide you assistance.  All prices listed are subject to change without notice, so please contact us for final pricing.
Winchester Model 12 
Replace chamber ring, match ream, re-qualify to minimum headspace   12 ga $150.00
16 ga $175.00
20 ga $175.00
Repair shot-out receiver and bolt (recoil cut problems)   $270.00
Build-up action slide bar and qualify to correct low bolt position $70.00
Install Stainless steel chamber sleeve (doesn't include new chamber ring) 12 ga $270.00
16 ga $350.00
20 ga $350.00
Replace Action slide lock springs $30.00
Adjust trigger to 3 1/2 lb. and retime to action
(includes trigger and hammer springs)
Winchester 101 
Labor to replace & re-time ejection hammers (doesn't include parts) $60.00
Adjust triggers to desired pull weight (will not adjust to under 3 lb.) per side $75.00
Convert trigger to mechanical per side $75.00
Winchester Super X-1
Solder rib to barrel, re-blue barrel, Thread for Choke Tubes
(required for installation of choke tubes in SX-1's)
Trigger job (on all series of triggers) $75.00
Labor to install tune-up kit (doesn't include price of kit) $60.00
Open Gas Ports $40.00
Browning and Perazzi
Labor to replace and re-time ejectors (doesn't include parts) per side $80.00
Install Stainless steel chambers, re-cut for ejectors, re-qualify headspace per bore $225.00
Tighten hinge (parts, if needed, not included) $90.00
Weld-up receiver firing pin holes and re-qualify 1 hole $105.00
2 holes $145.00
Trigger job (per side or barrel) $75.00
Assorted Services
Gun Cleaning $50.00
Cut off single barrel and resight with bead $50.00
Cut off double barrel and resight with bead $75.00
Thread barrel for choke tubes (doesn't include chokes) $125.00
Lengthen forcing cones to 2 1/2" (chrome lined bores add $10.00) $60.00
Lengthen forcing cones to 4" (chrome lined bores add $10.00) $70.00
Jewel bolt and carrier (auto's and pumps) $75.00
Install and fit most recoil pads $85.00
Straighten Rib $40.00


updated 6/29/2016