Wright's Turkey chokes

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Have you ever thought about going turkey hunting, but never had the right equipment?

Now Wright's Inc. is introducing a new line of chokes just for that purpose. We have all kinds of brands, styles and sizes to fit that particular gun.

Each of the 12ga Turkey Chokes, Win-chokes/Invector, Beretta/Benelli, Invector plus, True Choke, Rem-Choke and Mossberg, are made with 3 different internal configurations, depending on the turkey shell you plan to shoot. Here is the list of these chokes.

Price? $65.00 ea. OR $149.00 for ALL THREE

Experience clean kills with High Density Shot!
Name Description
Turkey 1 Turkey 1 is manufactured principally for 2oz to 2 1/4oz lead-3 1/2" shells, and also if you plan to use #4 shot. Exit diameter of .670
Turkey 2 Turkey 2 is configured for 1 1/2oz to 1 7/8oz loads 2 3/4" and 3" It also was designed for #6 shot 3 1/2" lead 12 ga loads. The Federal Flight Control Wad and the Winchester High-Density Extended Range turkey loads 2 3/4" or 3". Works well with Remington Heavier-Then-Lead shot of all sizes. Exit diameter of .660
Turkey 3 High velocity 1 1/2oz. lead #6, Heavy 13 loads of 3" w/ long range capabilities for the New High-Density, Extended-Range ammo


Also available, The Swarm Turkey choke


20 Gauge Swarm Turkey Chokes

Price? $65.00 ea.

Current World Record holder in BOTH Men's and Women's NWTF Turkey Competition!                              Gives 12 gauge performance!                                                                                                                               Expect clean kills with High Density shot!                                                                                                      Tightest 20 gauge choke on the market! - .555
Browning Invector +,   Rem-Choke,   Win-Choke,   Beretta/Benelli

Clark and Doris Bush, using the Swarm Turkey choke, have set the Men's and Women's NWTF 20ga Records! Here are a few of the places that Clark and Doris Bush have taken the title are:

Mid-America Cup in Medina, OH
Kansas State Shoot in Randolph, KN
Tennessee State Shoot in Tellico Plains, TN
Bass Pro Mid-Atlantic Challenge in Statesville, NC
Charles Daly Challenge in Clinton, SC

And these are just some of the places where The Bush's, using the Swarm choke, have taken top prize, and the list is still growing. Get yours today!

Water-fowl Chokes

Maybe you just want to go shotgun hunting, but your shotgun doesn't seem to be quite what you need it to be. Then may I introduce to you the Steel shot chokes.

These chokes are specially designed for Steel-shot and Heavier-than-Lead shot.

Price? $55.00 ea. OR $140.00 ALL THREE

Fits Remington, Win-Choke, Invector, Invector +, Beretta/Benelli Has a Special Interior
Style Best for Yardage
Full Choke Passing Ducks or Geese 50 yd. kills
Improved Modified Called Ducks and Geese 40 yd. kills
Modified Decoyed Ducks and Geese 25-30 yd. kills


We will exchange or refund on only unshot choke tubes.

On refunded choke tubes there will be a 20% restocking fee.

If a choke tube has manufacturers defects, we will replace it free of charge.

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